Improv Lessons: Pay Attention!

One of the most basic principles to great improvisation, on stage or off, is to simply pay attention! Even though it is simple, it is so hard for people to grasp.

In an improv comedy sense, paying attention means listening – and fully hearing – what your fellow performers are saying and doing, observing the audience’s reactions, and being aware of the environment and reality you are creating on stage. Most new improvisers (and, sadly, many experienced ones) pay attention to only one thing: their own thoughts!
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Career Advice from the World of Improv Comedy!

Recently, posted an article by editor, Kate Lorenz, titled, “10 Hangups That Cripple Workers.” What struck me as interesting is that every single one of these “career hangups” can be addressed by simply using basic principles from improvisational comedy. Of course I see the entire world through the filter of improv comedy! However, in this case, I’m pretty sure I’m right. Take a look at the ten hangups below, along with my “improv solution,” and see if you agree.

For each point, I’ve listed an improv game or exercise that directly addresses the issue. (Note: You can see examples of the games on the video page)

Here are the 10 “Hangups”:

1. Wallowing in the Past

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Better Relationships Through Improv Comedy!

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so I have decided to share some ideas on how to use improv comedy to be a good “Valentine” It’s a little (or a lot) different from the traditional “Improv for Business” stuff, but if an improviser can’t act outside-of-the-box once in a while, who can? :-)

Here are the “Better Relationships Through Improv Comedy!” Tips!

Put Your Focus on Your Partner

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