Improv for Everyone is the brain child of Fred Gleeck and Avish Parashar.

Fred Gleeck

Fred Gleeck is a professional speaker, consultant, author, and information marketer who has been improvising for the last 20 years. Fred has long believed that the secret to being a great speaker is to simply know your content and know how to perform improv comedy. Fred has said that there are only two things better than performing improv comedy…

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Avish Parashar

Avish Parashar is a professional speaker, trainer, and improv comedy expert who uses ideas from improv comedy to teach groups to be more creative, to work better as a team, and to improve their productivity. Avish has spent the last 15 years performing, teaching, and directing improv comedy. Avish has performed improv comedy on National TV, started and ran a successful improv comedy troupe in Philadelphia for 7 years, and has presented his ideas on applying improv comedy to the real-world at international conferences

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The short story of how this all started:

Fred Gleeck had been doing two things for a very long time: Improv Comedy and Creating Information Products. After many of Fred’s speaking engagements, people would ask him how they too could be a successful speaker. Fred’s answer? “Know your content cold, and learn Improv Comedy.”

After one such engagement, Avish Parashar was nice enough to give Fred a lift to the airport. As fate would have it, Avish uses a 15-year background in Improv to present “Improv Keynotes that Rock Audiences with Humor and Content!” In that fateful 30 minute drive to the airport, the two decided to partner together to create a series of “Improv For…” DVDs.

Less than two months later, Avish was in Las Vegas with Fred and the first “Improv for…” product was created!

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