Improv Games: Blind Line

“Blind Line” is a great and very funny improv game uses the critical improv skills of “justification” and “incorporation.” Interestingly, the gimmick of this game makes it fun even when it is not played well. When it is played well it can bring the house down.


The purpose of this game is to practice reacting to changing circumstances quickly and powerfully.


In this game you will tell a story but periodically you will have to read a piece of paper that will have a random line on it. You will have to immediately incorporate that line into your story.

How to Play

Have a partner or friend write sentences on a variety of index cards. They can be quotes, random sentences, or anything at all. You want to get about ten. They can do this at any point, so you can get these ahead of time before you are practicing your improvisation. Don’t read the cards ahead of time! You should have no idea what’s on the cards.

Begin telling a story, starting out with, “Once upon a time,” and just start telling the story. Introduce a character; give them something to do, and then introduce some complication. For example, “Once upon a time there was a boy named John who needed to get to the grocery store to buy some milk, on his way there he had a flat tire.” Just start with something very simple.

At the end of the sentence, take one of the cards, read it out loud as if that is the next sentence in the story that you are telling. So, if it is, “John had a flat tire,” and you pull up a card and it says, “The rabid goat attacked the capitol.” This would have to be the next line in the story, so you would have John going to the store to get milk and all of a sudden the goat attacks the capitol. Your job is to then weave that element into your story. Now you have to lead your story to say John has to get milk but also deal with a rabid goat.

After a couple sentences you have to pull up a new card, read another one, and take the story in a new direction. This game continues until all the cards are done or until you reach a natural ending to your story.

Improv Tips and Things to Remember

Remember when you pull up a card read it as the exact next thing. Blurt it out, don’t read it then think about how you are going to do it then say it out loud. The goal is to incorporate these ideas, so if you read something that is totally random, don’t try dismiss it, just get back to your original story. The goal is to let these obstacles and changes move your story into a new direction. Have fun with this because it will be a crazy game and if you take it too seriously you will never make it…

Improv Lessons

This game can be considered a great confidence exercise because it is the manner in which you say or read your statements that is going to make all the difference. When you flip over a card and read it, read it with confidence as if you intended to say that as your next line. Then when you make your justifications, which in many cases will be a stretch or just crazy, say them out loud with confidence. Have an observer watch this exercise and ask them to tell you how they felt with the confidence level of each change you were given.

Building off all the creativity in early games, as soon as you read the card, continue telling your story and see how your creativity ties those elements in because that is where the fun happens. If you pause and try to think about how you will tie it together it will never work.

Try this game a few times, and really develop that ability to be confident and flow with change. Some of your stories will end up being really interesting as a result of using the unexpected instead of running away from it.

Here’s an example along with some more instruction:

(see more videos)

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