Improv Games For Kids

When speaking to groups about applying improv ideas to business and life, I pretty much always speak to adults. What I find interesting though, is how many people come to me and later and say, “oh, you know that game you had us play? I did that with my kids and they loved it!”

Playing improv games with your kids is a great way to keep them occupied while also teaching them some fundamental skills and helping them develop their creativity. Below are the three games I most often here people tell me that their kids enjoy, along with video clips and explanations:

Two Word Story

This is one that pretty much any kid who can speak can play. The combinations are infinite, and it is a quick and easy game to pass some time.

Expert Interview

A little bit more advanced, but this is one of the best games to help your kids develop their creativity.


This is the most advanced one and may take a little practice, but it’s also the best exercise to teach children the idea of being flexible and flowing with unexpected events.

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